Hydra Market and Deepweb Onion Routing

Hydra onion is created on a simple design, but at the same time it is easy to navigate the site. The functionality provided is monstrous, here right away – registration, BTC to USD rate, goods, shops, the ability to create private messages, a convenient search bar with the ability to select your city.

The main page greets us with a huge list of reliable stores that have been working for 24/7. At the very bottom of the page you can go to the news section, where the latest news reports are posted daily, of course not as interesting as ours. According to the Hydra Tor administration, the site is completely handwritten, which guarantees the absence of well-known security vulnerabilities, as far as we know.

The code of Hydra onion site has been written for more than a year, has been working since 2015, there was no news about data leakage, hacking, bitcoin theft during this time , from which we have every right to conclude that the site is safe. It is really important – the product and prices, to say that there is a variety of products on Hydra, this is nothing to say, a variety of psychoactive substances

For the protection of buyers, the auto-guarantor system works, what does it look like? Any transaction taking place on the site is automatically “insured”. In case of controversial situations, a representative of the administration connects to the conversation. Of the useful new products – instant purchases, the ability to quickly purchase the necessary goods, without waiting for confirmation of the transaction in the blockchain; Which is very convenient, since the transaction can be confirmed in a day, payment in BTC and QIWI, as in the good old days.

According to the administration, all the sellers are tested, that is, all the shops presented are 100% not deceivers, which goes without saying, since no one will be placed on the trading platform for free, in addition, the administration checks the quality of the stores by rolling purchases. A messenger is built inside, an analogue of Watsapp; Which has distribution into groups, private conversations and much more.

Most of all, we are pleased with the technical support system, which works in real time, you can invite a moderator to the chat, to resolve almost any disputable situation, even on holidays they answer quite quickly. Inside the site there is a huge number of functions: a system of “self-burning” notes, user reviews for all products, a rating system, a ten-point scale for evaluating stores, the ability to leave reviews after each purchase, an overall rating of sellers, customer ratings, the number of transactions made by the seller is displayed, etc.