Include Ragi Flour in Your Diet to Shed Extra Kilos

It is often said that if you want to live a happy and healthy life, you should be physically and mentally fit. Sometimes nighttime snacking, emotional eating, and junk-food binges make us gain excess weight, thereby putting us at a greater risk of developing lifestyle diseases. While we might look strong and heavy from the outside, our immunity and internal health may turn weak. Therefore, eating a balanced diet is very important to stay healthy.

Along with rice and wheat flour, other grains like finger millet or ragi should also be included in the diet. Ragi is a powerhouse of healthy nutrients like calcium, protein, iron and vitamins. You can make roti, dosa, healthy cookies, pancakes and idlis from ragi flour and enjoy health benefits at the same time.

Including ragi in your diet plan can help you shed those extra kilos and keep illness at bay. Here are some of the amazing benefits of ragi which makes it a perfect grain to be included in our diet.

Helps in weight loss

Ragi contains an amino acid called tryptophan which is known to reduce appetite. Having only one ragi roti can work wonders and prevent that untimely hunger.

Keeps you full

Ragi slows down the digestion rate that keeps us feeling full for a longer period of time and we prevent munching on unhealthy snacks.

Prevents constipation

In comparison to other cereals, ragi is highly rich in dietary fibre which helps in easy digestion and prevents constipation.

Good for gluten-free diet

Unlike wheat, ragi is gluten-free which makes it suitable for people who are allergic to gluten or are on a gluten-free diet. Ragi also has less fat content which makes it perfect for weight loss.