Grieving mum in tears at adopted dog’s name that was a ‘sign from heaven’

A grieving mum was left in floods of tears at her adopted dog’s name, which can only be described as a ‘sign from heaven’.

Stephanie May-Hills, from near Horsham, in West Sussex, sadly lost her husband, Martin, in November last year after he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at aged 32.

She told The Mirror : “It is awful trying to process and understand everything that has gone on.

“We have a now four-year-old son Zachary and I had to some how tell him that daddy was no longer here.”

To help Zachary understand his loss, Stephanie explained how his daddy now lives on the moon – and will be up there to watch over him throughout his life.

“As a family we had never lost anything and had to deal with this with Zachary so trying to explain was heartbreaking,” she said.

“I told Zachary that daddy had gone to the moon and we could see him in the sky.

“The moon has become a massive part of this journey for all of my family and brings us such comfort when we can see it at night.”

As Martin was always wanted to adopt a puppy, Stephanie began toying with the idea before starting her search online for puppies in need for homes.

She said: “A few weeks ago in the middle of the night I found myself searching a website for puppies and just browsing.

“I came across an advert about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that was 17-weeks-old, house trained and was the last puppy left of a litter of six

“I was drawn to him and contacted the breeder to find out more.”

Juts one week later, Stephanie travelled to the breeder’s house with her mum to visit with the tiny pup – and they “instantly fell in love with him”.

But it wasn’t until they asked his name when they realised how special this dog actually was.

“My mum asked if she had given him a name,” she said. “The breeder said her little girl has been calling him a name but we could change it… her daughter had been calling him Moon.

“My mum nearly fell off her chair and I started to cry.

“We explained the significance of the moon and she too got emotional. I felt like this was a sign and absolutely the right thing to do.

“We collected our new little man Moon a few days later and introduced him to Zachary and my older daughter Hollie.

“When I told the kids his name, they were both so shocked and my daughter cried.

“Zachary said: Mummy my daddy is on the moon, I think he sent moon to look after us’.

“I’m starting to believe that.”